Sunday, March 10, 2019  7:00 PM


Suzanne O’Davis is very fortunate to be known as one of the busiest and most talented musicians in Ontario. Her career’s journey has taken her across the globe from the Middle East to Texas to Cuba, performing as a keyboardist, vocalist, and tribute artist. Her versatility keeps her in demand and involved in all aspects of a musician’s life.

In her heartfelt tribute to the music of Carole King, Suzanne recreates the sound and the vibe of a 1970s Carole King concert experience that follows the music from her classic album, Tapestry. Not only does Suzanne channel the characteristics of Carole at the piano, but her comfortable stage presentation really endears her to the audience. Get ready to be transported back to the iconic image of her record-breaking, multi-million selling album in 1971!